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Moving: Part III Unpacking

The movers have now arrived at your new home to unload and the fun part of this process is about to begin. Unpacking is kind of like Christmas and it’s a little like shopping from your own personal warehouse of merchandise. You’ll find some things in boxes that you had forgotten about, especially if they have been put away in the attic or in a storage unit! Rearranging, repurposing and organizing existing items can also offer a fresh look without having to buy a lot of new home accessories.

Everyone has their own method for organizing. I personally don’t like being surrounded by boxes for very long so I try to get them unpacked, broken down and out of the way quickly. You can choose how fast or slow you want to go. It takes time to get everything in place. Once you start living in your new home you might find that want to move some things around for convenience or aesthetics.

Here are a few tips for unpacking:

Direct the movers. Even though you have labeled the boxes you will need to direct the movers as to which items go in specific rooms. If you have hired a crew to help unpack you will need to manage that process as well. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions about location and how you want items to be organized.

Unpack the essentials first. Some important necessities include snacks, groceries, water, clothing, toiletries, medication, chargers, laptops, pet food and supplies, baby essentials, first aid kit, scissors, garbage bags, tape, and markers for unpacking. Don’t forget about toilet paper, paper towels, wipes, hand sanitizer and soap.

Unpack the kitchen, bedrooms and bath. Some of the first things you will need include dishes and utensils. You will also need bed and bath linens so make the beds and set out bath towels. You’ll be ready for a shower and bed after an exhausting day of moving and unpacking!

Inspect furniture and boxed items. Be sure and check furniture and boxed items for anything broken. If you hired professionals to pack and move, you should be able to make a claim. Photos of items taken before and after the move will help with the claim.

Set up electronics and appliances. Make make sure appliances are connected to water, electricity, and gas. Test internet and network connections for computers, tv’s and other electronics. Turn on some music.

Secure pets. Put pets in a designated area while the movers have doors open to transport furniture and boxes. Make sure they have food and water and check on them periodically.

Getting rid of boxes. After emptying boxes, break them down and find an area to stack them. Use garbage bags for any packing material. When you start clearing boxes out of the way you can get a better visual of your progress!

Deadline. If you have a goal to get unpacked this well help motivate you to get it done. Plan a party or host friends to come over and check out your new home.

Enlist help of family. The more help you have the faster the unpacking will go. You will need to direct others as to where you want items moved.

Tackle a little at a time. You don’t need to unpack and put everything away on the same day. Organize things as you take them out of the box and take breaks as needed.

Meals. Don’t forget to eat. And hydrate! Order delivery or take a break from unpacking and go out to eat. Explore your neighborhood for new restaurants!

Continue to purge. When unpacking, you will still find items you don’t need. Set them aside. If you don’t want them anymore, don’t put those things away to store for even longer. Free up the space and donate or give them away.

Silver Lining: Enjoy your new home and a fresh beginning!



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