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My Silver Linings Life After 60 Blog by Amanda Hesse

About Me

In 2022, we sold our family home, downsized, became empty nesters - and I turned sixty!  I’m a fairly resilient person, but I had a harder time with all those life changes hitting simultaneously than anticipated. It took more than a few months to soak in the reality of hitting this milestone birthday! Where did the time go and how did that happen so fast?!?! I still feel thirty-ish but my birth certificate (and some gray hair and a few wrinkles) says otherwise. Saying “s-i-x-t-y” out loud was hard for me. After the initial shock and recovery, I began to embrace this new life stage. Aging doesn’t mean we are too old to continue enjoying an adventurous and active lifestyle. We should welcome and take advantage of exciting and new opportunities and we can continue to look good doing it! Age is just a number and there are so many things we can do to take charge of our lives in this next chapter. While I was searching online for various topics to help guide me through my new phase in life I considered starting a blog to share helpful information with others. I also discovered a new word – senescence (a swankier word for “aging”) so I may be using that word more often! 

Prior to being a stay-at-home mom, I was a marketing professional and I continued to volunteer in positions where I could use those skills while raising kids. When we became empty nesters, I struggled with who I am as an individual and what I was going to do with my extra time and energy while my husband continues to work. After the kids left for college, I had plenty of projects but needed a sense of routine and purpose. While I’m not a New Year’s resolution-kind-of-girl, I decided to set new goals for 2023.  Leading up to the new year, I took up painting again, organized the house, purged what we don’t need, began a remodeling project, increased my exercise routine, signed up for a Spanish class, embraced my silver roots, and began to travel with my husband more often. 


My intent with blogging is to touch on a variety of topics such as aging (senescence), health, fitness, beauty, fashion, life transitions, hobbies, travel, staying social, purging, organizing, and more. I’m not a beauty, financial or health professional – just someone who wants to share useful information and encouragement with others who are on this same life journey. We all have different experiences and knowledge to contribute that can help us navigate through this next chapter of life and I look forward to sharing with you!


~ Amanda

"Age is just a number, but a woman's strength, wisdom, and grace only grow more radiant with each passing year."
- Unknown

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