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When The Nest Becomes Empty

Congratulations! You have successfully launched the kids into adulthood! They have now moved on to college or secured a career and are no longer living at home. It’s just you and your spouse or only you if you are a single parent. Empty Nest Syndrome is a very real thing! The feelings can be mixed: pride, excitement for the kids, loneliness, emptiness, lost, grief, freedom, scared, worry, sad, happy, and so many more very normal emotions, too. I experienced all those waves of emotions and more! And I still do!

Empty nesting can also be a time for introspection. What is this next phase and what does that look like? Those who have careers after the kids leave home can continue to focus on work or consider retiring to experience new opportunities. For those who were stay at home moms you may find that you need new projects to stay busy. Everybody has different circumstances, interests, talents and experiences and you now have more time to set some goals for yourself. Here are a few suggestions to consider:

  • Start a new business or career.

  • Go back to school to get a degree or additional education.

  • Set personal goals: exercise, diet, personal growth.

  • Have more date nights with your spouse or partner!

  • Volunteer: Help a cause that is special to you. You can also meet new people with the same interests.

  • Reach out to friends and family you haven’t connected with in a long time.

  • Travel: Local, other countries, road trips, RV, camping/glamping. Ride a train!

  • Travel to other cities or countries for hikes, classes, music, or other fun opportunities!

  • Hobbies: Art, painting furniture, jewelry making, writing, photography, golf, horseback riding, learning to play a musical instrument, gardening (plants, flowers, vegetables), cooking, sewing, hunting, dance lessons and more!

  • Education/classes: Foreign language, professional or personal development, special interests, cooking, mixology, welding, or technology. Consider in person or online sources (Babble, Udemy, etc.).

  • Sports and exercise: tennis, pickle ball, running, walking, hiking, golf, yoga, pilates, barre, group classes, hire a personal trainer.

  • If single, join clubs, dating sites, travel, volunteer to meet people.

  • Clubs: books/reading, fitness, professional, mentoring, sports, hobbies, games, cooking, travel, cultural clubs, karaoke, wine/craft cocktails. Learn something new while meeting people with similar interests!

  • If you enjoy music, find some concerts coming to your town! Or travel to a fun destination to listen to your favorite band!

  • Purge what you no longer need. Organize the house: closets, attic, garage, kitchen, all drawers and cabinets! Donate or sell items!

  • Spruce up the house with fresh paint, move furniture around, throw out broken and unused items, replace outdated furnishings, window treatments, art and accessories.



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