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Benefits of Dry January

Dry January, abstaining from alcohol for the month, can have various benefits. Whether you are having a few drinks a week or several glasses a night, abstinence may improve sleep quality, enhance mental clarity, support weight loss, and promote overall well-being by giving your body a break from alcohol's effects. Additionally, it can help establish healthier habits and raise awareness of your relationship with alcohol.


I have always enjoyed drinking wine and look forward to having that glass or two of vino in the evening. Occasionally, the ritual would include having a third glass. A friend recently said she was giving up booze for Dry January so I thought I would join the campaign and start 2024 with that goal, too. I have never participated in Dry January, but I have given up alcohol periodically during other times of the year. It doesn’t have to be January but if you are a New Year’s resolution guy or gal, then it’s always good to start the new year with a goal.

When I was running long distances in preparation for races I gave up alcohol as part of my training to enhance my speed and endurance. More recent reasons include to lose belly fat, reduce cholesterol, improve my cognitive functioning, reduce eye puffiness, make my skin look better, reset my metabolism and body, and to get out of the habit of drinking at Wine O’clock!


Last time I committed to ditching the alcohol for five weeks I lost about eight pounds and my cholesterol dipped back to normal range.  My Good Cholesterol (HDL) was always a little high (a good thing) but my Bad Cholesterol (LDL) was slowly creeping up every year (a bad thing) despite intense exercise and reasonably healthy diet choices. Giving up the wine for a while did reset my body so I believe in the benefits. Aside from consuming less calories by not having wine or other alcoholic drinks, the abstinence also minimizes unhealthy eating decisions which also helps reduce caloric intake! I was more conscious of what I ate (or what I didn’t eat) when I wasn’t drinking!

Drinking water is always important but if you need other beverage options to consume at home or social functions there are some great mocktails to consider. Check out some delicious non-alcoholic drink recipes here.


As I'm writing this article, today is Day 6 of Dry January and I have already lost two pounds and I sleep better. I don’t feel as bloated and puffy either. These immediate results happened without making drastic changes to fitness and diet. I still maintain my normal exercise routine and eat healthy-ish. I look forward to seeing and feeling more of the benefits in a month!


Whether it’s January or another time of year, here are a few of the advantages of giving up alcohol for a month (or longer):


Improved Physical Health: Abstaining from alcohol can lead to positive changes in your physical well-being. It reduces the strain on your liver, promotes better digestion, and may contribute to lower blood pressure. Over time, this can contribute to a healthier cardiovascular system and decreased risk of liver-related issues.


Enhanced Mental Clarity: Alcohol can impact cognitive function and mood. Abstaining allows your brain to function more clearly, improving concentration, memory, and overall mental alertness. This clarity can positively affect your decision-making and emotional well-being.


Better Sleep Quality: While alcohol may initially induce sleep, it disrupts the sleep cycle and can lead to poor sleep quality. Abstaining can result in more restful and rejuvenating sleep, helping to regulate your circadian rhythm and improve overall energy levels.


Weight Management: Alcoholic beverages are often high in calories and can contribute to weight gain. Abstaining reduces calorie intake, potentially leading to weight loss. Additionally, alcohol can impair your judgment, leading to unhealthy eating choices that are more likely to be avoided when sober.


Improved Skin Health: Alcohol can dehydrate the body, affecting the skin's moisture balance. Abstaining can lead to better skin hydration, potentially reducing the appearance of dryness and promoting a healthier complexion. Additionally, alcohol consumption is associated with skin conditions like rosacea, and abstaining may alleviate symptoms.


The timeline for experiencing benefits from abstaining from alcohol varies among individuals. However, some general improvements may be noticeable within a relatively short time:


Short-Term (Days to Weeks): Improved sleep quality and increased energy levels are often among the first noticeable changes. Skin hydration and a reduction in bloating might also occur relatively quickly.


Medium-Term (Weeks to Months): Cognitive function, mood stabilization, and weight management improvements may become more apparent. Liver health may also start to show positive changes.


Long-Term (Months and Beyond): Over an extended period, you may observe more profound changes in overall health. This could include sustained improvements in cardiovascular health, better emotional well-being, and a reduced risk of long-term complications associated with chronic alcohol consumption.


Everyone has a different relationship with alcohol and it's important to note that individual responses vary, and the severity of any pre-existing health issues related to alcohol consumption can influence the timeline for experiencing benefits. Additionally, seeking professional advice and support can be valuable for those navigating changes in alcohol consumption.


The Silver Lining: You’ll feel and look healthier! Bonus Silver Lining: The money saved!



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