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Moving: Part II Moving Day

Tips for Moving

So you have purged the unwanted items in your house, finalized all the packing and are ready for Moving Day. For more information on preparing and packing read the article Moving: Part I Packing.

Utilities and mail. Cancel or transfer all utilities including internet, cable, water, electric, gas, and phone. Cancel landscaping, pest control, pool maintenance and other private services you have hired, too. Make sure you have utilities set up at your new home before you arrive! Forward your mail and update the new address with companies you do businesses with such as banks, insurance, credit cards, magazines and newspapers. The address for your driver’s license will also need to be changed. Same goes for any online businesses you use. You don’t want the next Amazon delivery to show up to your old house after you move.

Finish packing the day before moving. Make sure you are completely packed up the day before moving so you can maximize your time with the movers or loading up the rental truck if you are moving items yourself. If renting a truck, you may consider picking it up the day before so you can begin loading first thing the morning of the move.

The moving process is exhausting and stressful so if you are prepared to start loading the morning of moving day it will go much smoother. If using a moving company, they will show up early, ready to load the truck which can be slow and methodical because it’s like putting a puzzle together to fit everything.

Make room for the movers. Clearing pathways will help the movers when they bring in dollies to load boxes and move furniture. They need to be able to navigate comfortably through the home.

Family expectations. If it’s more than just you moving, it’s important to make sure everyone in the house is on the same page about moving day. Have discussions with the family about the timeline, responsibilities and what to expect during the move. Where will the pets be located while movers are there? Is there a secure room or crate to put them in? Can someone make sure they are fed and periodically go outside to relieve themselves? Maybe board them during the move? As for young children, perhaps it’s easier to move while they are in school or at a friend’s house or provide them with something to do while you are managing the movers.

The essentials bag. As discussed in the previous article regarding packing, it’s important to have a bag containing clothing, toiletries, medication, chargers, laptops, pet food and supplies, baby essentials, a first aid kit, etc. Also include trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels, wipes, hand sanitizer and soap. There may not be much time for lunch so have some easy meals packed in a cooler such as sandwiches, snacks, and waters. Make sure you eat breakfast before the movers arrive, too!

Charge your phone! Make sure your phone is fully charged! Have a charger in your car, especially if you are moving long distance.

Set the alarm to wake up early. Getting up early will allow time for last minute things to do and will minimize the stress while waiting on the movers to arrive or if you are picking up a rental truck on moving day. This will also give you time to pack up a few remaining items and be ready to greet the movers.

Make sure you are ready for the movers and be prepared to manage the process. If you need to access some items as soon as you arrive at your new home, make sure they go in the truck last. As for loading the truck, it’s first in, last out. Anything you do not want loaded on the truck needs to be set aside and let the movers know.

Dress comfortably. Wear casual and comfortable clothes. Long pants and close toed shoes will help protect your legs and feet from scratches and other injuries. If you are moving long distance, be sure and pack clothes that are appropriate for that climate when you arrive.

Lift heavy items properly. If you are moving yourself or assisting with the move, be sure to life boxes and heavy items correctly. Stand in front of the items with feet shoulder width apart. Without hunching over, bend the knees and squat down. When lifting the box, rise up using your legs. When setting the item down, squat and use your legs again to place the box down. Use a dolly for hauling items to the truck. Ask for help carrying large items down the stairs.

Final walk-through. Before leaving for good, walk through each room, closet, attic and garage. Open all cabinets and drawers to make sure nothing was missed. Look outside as well. If you are leaving a rental property, take photos in case of any discrepancy regarding damage and the security deposit.

Tipping movers. While not expected, tips are always appreciated. Make sure you have cash on hand to tip each mover. The amount may depend on the complexity of the move and if you are happy with the job performed.

The Silver Lining: You are now on your way to your new home!



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